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ISSN: 0190-2717

Coverage: 1977-2006

The journal is now archived and no longer receiving submissions with this publisher. Please note, the material located on this site is for informational purposes only

The Crimean Astrophysical Observatory possesses modern equipment for astrophysical observations over a wide spectral range from gamma-rays to meter radio waves of stars and galaxies as well as of the Sun and Solar System. The Observatory staff is involved in both ground-based and space astrophysics, and the Bulletin is the major outlet for their research results.
Articles from the Observatorys five departments (Solar Physics, Physics of Stars and Galaxies, Radioastronomy, Gamma-Ray Astronomy, and Experimental Astrophysics) cover such subjects as:
  • Solar observations: sunspots, flares, magnetic fields, solar cycles, chromosphere, helioseismology
  • Optical and radio telescopes, instruments, and methodology of astronomic measurements
  • Planets, asteroids, and comets
  • Interstellar medium and the galaxy
  • Extragalactic astronomy
  • Structure and chemical composition of stellar atmospheres
  • Stellar magnetic fields
  • Variable stars
  • Cosmic rays in the Universe
  • Geodynamics and laser location of satellites

The Observatory has published its Bulletin in Russian since 1947 and the English edition has been available from 1977 to 2014.